MCL’s Submicron Technology Supports the Performance of Automobiles in the World

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OUR CONCEPTWe'll challenge in new fields with well-trained techniques.

Based on leading-edge technology development, creative knowledge, prominent technologies, and experiences that have been handed down and deepened, we have processed over 10 million products with submicron-order accuracy for a thickness tolerance of one ten-thousandth of a millimeter and geometric tolerances for flatness and squareness. Our mass production of quality is supported by processing and inspection technologies that enable us to carry out mass production while maintaining stable quality at a high level. This is just one of our achievements, and we will move on to another level of manufacturing in pursuit of higher accuracy and reliability in order to quickly meet the needs of the times.

ProductsHigh-Precision Products Created with Japan’s Advanced Technological Capabilities

Vanes for vehicles Automobile-related parts

Vanes for vehicles
Automobile-related parts

The vanes that we produce are mounted in automotive power steering systems, engine oil pumps, hydraulic pumps for transmissions, and variable valve timing systems. With a large production share, they are adopted by many automobile manufacturers in the United States and Europe.



We offer precision machining for the high-accuracy processing of difficult-to-cut materials, sheet grinding, and profile grinding. Our technologies are used in a wide variety of products ranging from automotive parts to aviation, space equipment, medical devices, and liquid crystal and semiconductor-related parts.

Development Support

Development Support

With our broad processing experience, we support the development of special processing with high difficulty that cannot be achieved by competitors. We solely carry out diverse manufacturing processes ranging from the selection of special steels to cutting, heat treatment, and finish grinding.

About usOur mission is to materialize what customers need.

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