Prototyping and Development Supports

Prototyping and Development Supports

Prototyping is Our Specialty

Prototyping is Our Specialty

We support prototyping as a research and development partner.
Contact us for processing work that other companies cannot perform.

Feel free to contact us if you have any of the problems shown below:

  • A product on which you consulted another company, but the development was rejected for technical reasons
  • A problem in achieving dimensional accuracy and geometric tolerances due to high processing difficulty
  • A problem in developing a product due to a difficulty in obtaining a special material
  • Long lead time for prototyping and development because of the many manufacturing processes of jointing, cutting, heat treatment, and finish cutting

Experience in a Wide Variety of Industries

We have experience and work achievements in a wide variety of fields, such as automobiles, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical devices, aviation, space equipment, energy, and industrial equipment.

Ability to Handle Diverse Ranges of Materials

Using a CAD system

We have experience in machining a variety of special steels (such as tool steels, a variety of mold materials, alloy steels, magnetic materials, stainless steels, and heat-resistant steels) and accumulated processing know-how according to material types. In addition, we have a procurement network for special steels to procure materials suitable for applications and shapes.

A Wide Variety of Equipment that Overwhelms Competitors

Because we have a wide variety of processing machines for jointing, vacuum furnaces, machining centers, lathes, surface grinding machines, and cylindrical grinding machines, we can create prototypes in various sizes ranging from the ones as small as a fingertip to ones as large as 7 m according to customer needs

Achieving Enhanced Development Speed and Reduced Lead Time

We achieve reductions in lead time through an integrated production system that allows us to perform material procurement, cutting, heat treatment, precision finishing, and inspection in house.

Quality Control Ability

To control quality consistently from materials to the finishing of processed products, we obtained quality management certifications of ISO 9001 and 14001, as well as IATF 16949 for vehicle-mounted vanes and AS 9100 for products for the aerospace industry. We can also assure dimensional accuracy using three-dimensional measuring devices and non-contact measuring instruments, perform magnetic property tests for magnetic materials, and assure the external appearance through liquid penetrant tests (color checks).

Ability to Propose Development Options

For surface treatments of coating and plating that cannot be performed with our equipment, we can respond to customer needs through our network of specialized companies. Even if drawings are not available, we can develop prototypes by sketching product samples borrowed from customers. In the case of mass-produced vehicle-mounted vanes, we can prototype several tens to hundreds of vanes.


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